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Here are some of the software packages that I have created. Some are for sale, and some are simply my gift to you. Enjoy.

xBlog Lite

xBlog Lite is the blogging software that is currently run on this site. It sports valid XHTML 1.1 and CSS, to ensure it will not break the validity of your code, and is processed by PHP.

Note: xBlogPro is in the works!

Price: Free, but donations are accepted


This was created with a dual purpose. My main reason for creating it was due to the popularity of the old version. I had gotten a surprising number of compliments, including people who were impressed with the way it looked! I always thought the old version was rather hideous looking, and decided to make something that I thought looked good. The other reason was the fact that I wanted to try using XML and PHP together. Thus was born XMLguestbook.

Price: Free, but donations are gladly accepted

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