A Musical Baton

Tuesday, May 17, 2005 at 7:31 pm | Comments off

Joshua Lane just passed me the musical baton, so here goes...

Total volume of music on my computer: 1.42 GB

The last CD I bought:Welcome to Diverse City” by Tobymac

Song playing right now: “Boulevard Of Broken Dreams” by Green Day

Five songs I listen to a lot:

  1. “Grace Like Rain” by Todd Agnew
  2. “Boulevard Of Broken Dreams” by Green Day
  3. “Beautiful Soul” by Jesse McCartney
  4. “Atmosphere” by Tobymac
  5. “Let’s Get It Started” by The Black Eyed Peas

Five people to whom I’m passing the baton:

  1. Cameron Moll (update: semi-done ;)
  2. D. Keith Robinson (update: done)
  3. Jonathon Hollin (update: done)
  4. Chuck Mallott (update: done)
  5. Jeff Croft (update: done)


Robert Wellock
May 17th, 2005
8:02 PM | #

The last CD was Guero by Beck the first-ever global release of a surround sound album in simultaneous release of the standard commercial CD.

The rest I won't divulge as it's sensitive data and seems too chain-like.

Mike Purvis
May 17th, 2005
8:05 PM | #

Let's get it started, eh?


Jonathan Fenocchi
May 17th, 2005
10:16 PM | #

Hmm, well, it looks like your taste in music varies greatly. At least you have Green Day in there. ;)

(Hey! Blog more often!)

May 18th, 2005
3:14 AM | #

Total volume of music on my computer: 30.8GB

The last CD I bought: “Welcome to Diverse City” by Tobymac

Song playing right now: “Bleeding Mascara” by Areyu

Ryan Brill
May 18th, 2005
4:16 AM | #

Jonathan -
I know, I need to revamp this place to make it exciting to me, again.

mascali -
For real, that's the last CD you bought, too? Cool...

May 18th, 2005
7:27 AM | #

I can't say I like your music, but everyone is allowed their own. Since I do not currently have a blog, here's me:

Total volume of music on my computer: 2.35GB
The last CD I bought: "Trapt" (by Trapt, of course), but I've pirated a shitload of 'em since
Song playing right now: "Coma White" by Marilyn Manson
Five songs I listen to a lot:
- "Metal Heart" by Dimmu Borgir
- "The Beautiful People" by Marilyn Manson
- "Lake of Fire" both the Meat Puppets', and Nirvana's cover
- "Respect" by Pantera
- "Angel of Death" by Slayer


May 19th, 2005
1:24 AM | #

“Let’s Get It Started” and Toby Mac? Gah! :-)

Ryan Brill
May 19th, 2005
1:42 AM | #

Talk about diverse city, eh?

Yeah, that's lame, whatever... :p

May 19th, 2005
2:42 AM | #

Ugh. The rest of your music is okay, but there's one song that I truly hate. "Your Beautiful Soul" by Jesse McCartney. Man, I really hate that guy's music..

Chris Fenison
May 20th, 2005
1:24 AM | #

Nice selection of music, Ryan. I was surprised to see Toby Mac in there, but I'm a fan too.

Mike Purvis
May 26th, 2005
4:38 AM | #

btw, how is Tobymac? I really liked some of the later DCTalk stuff... (especially Supernatural)

Ryan Brill
May 26th, 2005
4:51 AM | #

I like the CD, even though I've only listed to it a couple of times. I tend to like songs better after I've heard them a few times, so that's a good sign. My favorite song on the CD is probably Gotta Go (track 15). I'd recommend it, anyway...

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